Medical Qigong - Balancing the Body's Energy

Medical Qigong is a comprehensive health care system, addressing the root cause of ailments that might manifest in the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual components of the body.  It is the oldest form of Chinese medicine - over 5,000 years old. .It helps to increase mobility and relieve pain by balancing the electromagnetic energy, or Qi (pronounced "chee"), which is the substance of all living things.    

Imbalances in the Qi might occur in the body as a result of injuries, a sedentary lifestyle, suppression of emotions, normal aging, or a poor diet... among other things.

Medical Qigong therapy corrects these energetic imbalances, thus enabling the body to restore and/or reinforce normal body functions. This supports optimum functioning of internal organs and systems such as the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems.
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Symptoms that Medical Qigong can relieve

Medical Qigong treats the body as a whole, and addresses the root cause of symptoms or dis-ease. So, it is often effective in relieving symptoms that prove non-responsive to conventional medical and/or psychological therapies.  Following are just a few of the symptoms that Medical Qigong has been successful in relieving:
  • Chronic pain anywhere in the body - back, neck, or extremeties
  • Chronic disorders of the major systems of the body - digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory.
  • Side effects of typical cancer treatments - chemotherapy, radiation therapy
  • Cancer itself (since cancer is often the result of energetic imbalance)
  • Stress and deep-seated repressed emotions

Healing with Medical Qigong

The practice of Medical Qigong involves certain energetic balancing methods performed by Kenn Day; and generally includes some instruction for self-regulation exercises that the client can perform on his/her own as part of the healing regimen.   The specific Qqigong techniques that Kenn uses during therapy sessions include:
  • Qi emission - the sending of healing Qi energy to specific areas of the client’s body to release toxic emotions stored within the body's tissues
  • Energetic Point Therapy — (also known as energetic accupuncture)  - use of Kenn's Qi directed to specific points to tone and support the client’s Qi. This may serve as an effective means to stimulate or free closed energy channels
  • Qigong massage — gentle touch to facilitate movement of Qi through the client’s body to relieve stagnation and promote healthy energy flow along established channels

Healing one's self

Medical Qigong invites the client to participate in the healing process.  Kenn provides instruction in a qigong regimen of physical movement, breathwork and intention.  This has the dual purpose of aligning one's mind and emotions with the healing process - which is crucial in resolving chronic issues.

Kenn Day welcomes inquiries about whether Medical Qigong may be effective for you.

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