Dance of Stones - a Shamanic Road Trip

Dance of Stones
by Kenn Day
Dhyanna Press
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What they're saying about Dance of Stones...
A shamanic journey that is both personal and universal, sharing its heart in a modern way with the myths of old, revealing sacred mysteries in the form of a story and with added deepening clarifications. It is an ideal introduction to a modern form of shamanism that is useful for life in modern society. But this is more than an introduction and revelation, it is also an initiation for those who wish to take the plunge into a mystical voyage into a reality with no beginning or ending. An ancient tale in a modern form that is well worth the telling.
....Donald Michael Kraig, Author of Modern Magick

Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip is a story of three journeys: the tale of a physical road trip; the shamanic journey of emerging screenwriter-shaman Soli; and the journey this book will take you on as you travel through its pages, absorbing information effortlessly as you go. The ancient tradition of teaching through story telling works very well when the tale itself is told as engagingly as this – but don’t be fooled by the ease of reading, like shamanism itself, this book contains many layers and at some point you realise you are on a journey of your own alongside the author and Soli.
Post tribal shaman, Kenn Day relates his tale with a likeable humility and there is something in it for everyone. Personally I loved Kenn’s honest portrayal of his occasional struggle to find the words to explain aspects of shamanism, interspersed with the moments when the words come from within/elsewhere and just fall right. This will sound so familiar to many other practitioners and help explain why sometimes we sound like bumbling idiots and at other times immensely wise.
Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip has something for everyone whether you are interested in knowing more about what contemporary shamanism is, have newly heard the call to shamanism yourself, have been practising shamanism a while, or just enjoy a good story. Highly recommended – I have a feeling I’m going to re-read this book more than once.
.....  June Kent, Editor of IndieShaman

I've read the book 3 times now - twice in pre-publication and once just last week. I rarely read a book more than once - in fact I can't ever recall doing so and each time I read Dance of Stones I am taken deeper into the journey. I sum it up in the form of a book review like this: Dance of Stones is a book written about searchers for searchers - those who are not satisfied with sleep walking through life, but rather seek to awaken to their true selves. Cleverly crafted, the Deepenings at the end of each chapter inform the reader about shamanic practice while at the same time the story informs the Deepenings. You cannot read Dance of Stones without being drawn in and changed by the journey. If you have any interest in Western magick or Shamanism, I highly recommend this as a must read!
..... Marlene Feder
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