The Post-Tribal Shamanic Training Series includes the Following Workshops

Foundation level Post-Tribal Shamanic Training Series

This series is offered in sequence and includes Opening Inner Doorways, Medicine Body, Working With Spirits, Dream Body, Shaman's Touch, Soul Retrieval, Healing the Invisible Wound, and Dance Your Shadows. Completion of this series is a prerequisite for the intermediate and advanced workshops as well as apprenticeship. I wish to be clear that, even though there is some semantic overlap – sweat lodge, use of some sacred tools, etc – these teachings are neither derived from nor sanctioned by any native, indigenous or tribal people. They come from teachings I received from Grandfather, my spirit ally and teacher. The resemblance between these and all shamanic traditions seems to me to be akin to that between various maps of the same landscape. This landscape is the human experience here on earth. We all walk it. Each in our own way. 

Opening Inner Doorways

This workshop is an introductory exploration of shamanic consciousness and journeying. Participants learn to create, maintain and work with the shamanic body in preparation for journeying to the upper, middle and lower worlds. The basic terminology and cosmology of shamanic practice is taught on the first evening. The balance of the workshop is experiential, focusing on active work with the shamanic body in alternate states of consciousness.

Participants in Opening Inner Doorways will leave the workshop with:

  • The ability to move at will between the physical, spiritual and shamanic bodies.
  • A personal connection with the World Tree, providing nourishment, protection and guidance. 
  • A working knowledge of the shamanic realms and the ability to Journey in the Three Worlds.
  • A growing sense of awareness in Shamanic Body, the vehicle for Shamanic Consciousness. 
  • The first foundational practices of shamanic spirituality.
  • The beginning awareness of a communal self. 
  • A deeper connection with the spirits of their ancestors, along with techniques to regularly visit and interact with them. 

Medicine Body
The Medicine Body is one of the most powerful tools for the Shaman. It's foundation is the energy field that surrounds our physical bodies. This workshop focuses on the creation, maintenance and use of the Medicine Body for shamanic transformative and healing work. The workshop will include practical exercises in breathing, energy, conscious awareness and more.

Participants in Medicine Body will leave the workshop with:

  • The ability to extend consciousness into the field around their body.
  • An understanding of the three layers of Medicine Body.
  • A deepening capacity for Soul Awareness.
  • The capacity to cultivate the kind of energy necessary to maintain Medicine Body. 
  • Foundational practices for use with Medicine Body.
  • The deepening awareness of a communal self. 

Working With Spirits
Shamans live in a world that is invisible to the average person. It is a world of spirits – spirits of earth and plants and ancestors – all of which can become allies in the search for wholeness. This workshop brings you into contact with the spirit world, providing techniques to communicate and interact safely and effectively.

Dream Body
There are different ways to dream. This workshop works with the dreams in which we can journey in the three worlds in our Dream Body, finding answers and healing in our Dreaming. It also introduces dreaming techniques drawn from Tibetan shamanism that allow us to enter a dream while fully "awake."

The Shaman’s Touch parts I through IV
A series of intermediate workshops, focusing on the techniques of healing through use of sound, energy, vibration, intention and physical manipulation while in shamanic states of consciousness. The techniques mirror those of various tribal cultures and include energy and vibrational healing; communication with spirits; extraction; soul retrieval; and the use of safe and effective boundaries and application of these techniques to the modern therapeutic practice.

Soul/Power Retrieval
One of the classic techniques of the traditional shaman, this powerful tool promotes healing at all levels. This workshop covers the fundamentals of retrieval anywhere in the three worlds.

Healing the Invisible Wound
The invisible wound is one we all experience. It is the wound of separation from the Self, the Divine, each other, our ancestors and the earth. This is a more advanced workshop for those with some degree of experience in shamanic journeying and trancework. It focuses on the healing of this wound through the development of deeper connections with self, spirit, community and the divine.

Dance Your Shadows
In this workshop we seek to realize, reveal, recognize and integrate as much of our unknown self as possible. Drawing the parts of our selves that we don’t know out of the shadows and into our waking life. To do this, we will be confronting the issues which cut us off from our selves. Fear, shame, anger and other "negative" emotions will be explored and exercised. We will journey into the deep, dark places where we hide the parts of ourselves that we don’t want to acknowledge and bring them back with us. 

Death, Dying & Dismemberment                                                                                                              This workshop offers teachings on how to prepare for the death of our physical bodies; how to awaken now and in the afterlife; and, how to assist others in the process of dying and dealing with what comes afterward. Most shamanic traditions include some version of the initiation of death and dismemberment. The intention of this workshop is to provoke the soul of each participant to experience this initiation. These teachings can bring up intense emotional responses and the student should be prepared. 

Advanced level  Post-Tribal Shamanic Training Series

The Mesa
The shaman works with many tools, but the Mesa is the one that brings them all together. This workshop will cover the creation and use of this fundamental tool. 

Pathfinder Intensive Workshop                                                     This weekend workshop will be presented as follows:Saturday – Drumming for the Journey: Learn to drum and trance at the same time. We will be working with frame drums. If you do not have one you may want to purchase or borrow one before the workshop.Sunday – Leading the Way: Learn to guide others through the landscape of the Shamanic realms. This is not creative visualization.

The role of the Shaman often includes the creation and direction of ritual and ceremonies to support the people they work with, to provide healing, realization, movement or to express gratitude. This workshop introduces the fundamentals of these practices and focuses on the creation and use of a sacred construct, we call medicine lodge, not to be confused with the Native American traditions of sweat lodges. Limit 12 participants.

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Kenn Day is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

It is not the purpose of these workshops to pass on teachings of any indigenous tribe or in anyway take on the cultural trappings of other peoples. We honor those who come before us, and those who walk other paths. This is a path rooted in and directed to the experience of modern humans in the post-tribal society in which most of us have been raised. Further, attending these workshops will not make you a shaman. Most who choose to particiapate do so because of the enrichment the teachings bring to their lives, not because they plan to use these techniques in service to others. Becoming a shaman requires that you are called to the path, that you receive adequate training and effective initiation. 

I am who I am now because of working with and learning from Kenn Day. There were parts of my life that did not fit. There were parts of me that were broken or forgotten that needed mending. I could not do it on my own. I lacked the skills and the knowledge. Working with Kenn did not put him in control of the work; he put me in control of my own path. He helped me rediscover the tools I needed to rebuild my life. There are teachers who I owe a debt for what I’ve learned. The debt I owe Kenn is for who I am. Working with Kenn Day (no matter the length of time) is transformative.

                                                                                                                                                        –Dame W. • Detroit

Workshop Registration and Cancellation Policy

There is a minimum number of registrations required for a workshop to happen. If the minimum is not reached by two weeks before the workshop, the event will be cancelled and all payments refunded. To receive the preregistration discount, you must pay in full at least two weeks before the event. If a preregistered participant cancels more than 48 hours before a workshop, all but $50 of their payment will be refunded. If a preregistered participant cancels within 48 hours of a workshop, they lose their entire payment.  

Kenn Day

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