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"There is only one center. It just happens to be everywhere."

Meet Kenn


Kenn has been working full time since 1989 as a healer, gradually incorporating the teachings he receives from Grandfather, his spirit ally. His teachings, writings and private practice all reflect the essential elements of traditional shamanism, as experienced within our post-tribal culture. 


Opening Inner Doorways

at Body & Soul • Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday/Sunday, January 13/14, 2024

We are beginning a new training cohort in Cincinnati, open to all who are interested, with the permission of the instructor. This is the foundation for all the workshops that follow.


Contact Kenn at or (513)659-4135



Kenn offers a series of shamanic training workshops that cover the fundamental teachings of post-tribal shamanism, including Journeying in Shamanic Body, Medicine Body, Dream Body, Soul Retrieval, and much more!


New workshop series beginning this year in Cincinnati, OH, and perhaps elsewhere!

Post-Tribal Shamanism: A New Look at the Old Ways


Post-Tribal Shamanism: A New Look at the Old Ways is based on the author Kenn Day’s experiences and the teachings he passes on from his spirit ally, and mentor, Grandfather, as well as from his 30 years of practice passing on these teachings in person through workshops.

June Kent, Editor, Indie Shaman Magazine 



Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip


A shamanic journey that is both personal and universal, sharing its heart in a modern way with the myths of old, revealing sacred mysteries in the form of a story and with added deepening clarifications. It is an ideal introduction to a modern form of shamanism that is useful for life in modern society. But this is more than an introduction and revelation, it is also an initiation for thosewho wish to take the plunge into a mystical voyage into a reality with no beginning or ending. An ancient tale in a modern form that is well worth the telling.

Donald Michael Kraig, Author of Modern Magick

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