Kenn presents the essential teachings of Post-Tribal Shamanism in a foundation training series of nine workshops. 


These include his unique approach to traditional techniques like Journeying, trance work, soul retrieval, and healing, along with teachings specific to the post-tribal tradition. 


The workshops offer the teachings in sequence so that each workshop builds on what is introduced in the ones before it. This makes it important to attend the workshops in sequence. If a workshop is missed, it can be made up in a later series. All participation is subject to approval by the instructor.


"I wish to be clear that these workshops cannot MAKE you a shaman. A shaman is chosen by the spirits. The workshops can give that choice a context and provide effective training, but most who attend will be using the teachings to enrich their lives through deeper connection and direct experience of a wider spectrum of the human condition. These teachings are neither derived from nor sanctioned by any native, indigenous or tribal people. They come from teachings I received from Grandfather, my spirit ally and teacher. The resemblance between these and all shamanic traditions seems to me to be akin to that between various maps of the same landscape. This landscape is the human experience here on earth. We all walk it. Each in our own way. "


- Kenn

Kenn will be offering a new on-line training series beginning in January of 1021. Please contact Kenn for more information or to register. 

New trainings will begin in Cincinnati and Detroit after the current series end next year. 

All workshops are presented on weekends, from 10:00AM to 5:00PM both Saturday and Sunday, unless otherwise indicated. The fee for each workshop is $350. This is discounted to $300, if paid in full at least two weeks before the event. 

Payment plans are available upon request.

If you would like to have a workshop series in your city, please contact Kenn directly. A minimum number of students is required to schedule a workshop. This minimum varies depending on location.

For specifics on Kenn's workshops, please use the pull-down menu under "training". All currently scheduled workshops are listed on the calendar page as well.