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Working With Spirits

Shamans live in a world that is invisible to the average person. It is a world of spirits – spirits of earth and plants and ancestors – all of which can become allies in the search for wholeness. This workshop brings you into contact with the spirit world, providing techniques to communicate and interact safely and effectively.

Participants in Working With Spirits will leave the workshop with:


  • A profound awareness and appreciation of the presence of spirits around them in the world.

  • The ability to recognize and respond to spirits in the Middle World. 

  • Knowledge of how to initiate and build a relationship with a Spirit Ally

  • Deeper connections and more opportunity for communication with the ancestor spirits in the Under World. 

  • Effective protocol for engaging spirits in the three worlds, while in Shamanic Body.

  • The ability to develop a relationship with the Land Spirit where they live. 

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