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Opening Inner Doorways


This workshop is an introductory exploration of shamanic consciousness and journeying. Participants learn to create, maintain and work with the shamanic body in preparation for journeying to the upper, middle and lower worlds. The basic terminology and cosmology of shamanic practice is taught on the first morning. The balance of the workshop is experiential, focusing on active work with the shamanic body in alternate states of consciousness.

Participants in Opening Inner Doorways will leave the workshop with:


  • The ability to move at will between the physical, spiritual and shamanic bodies.

  • A personal connection with the World Tree, providing nourishment, protection and guidance. 

  • A working knowledge of the shamanic realms and the ability to Journey in the Three Worlds.

  • A growing sense of awareness in Shamanic Body, the vehicle for Shamanic Consciousness. 

  • The first foundational practices of shamanic spirituality.

  • The beginning awareness of a communal self. 

  • A deeper connection with the spirits of their ancestors, along with techniques to regularly visit and interact with them. 

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