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Cincinnati cohort continues

Healing the Invisible Wound May 20-21, 2023


The invisible wound is one we all experience. It is the wound of separation from the Self, the Divine, each other, our ancestors and the earth. This is a more advanced workshop for those with some degree of experience in shamanic journeying and trancework. It focuses on the healing of this wound through the development of deeper connections with self, spirit, community and the divine.


A new Cincinnati cohort will begin in January 2024

Contact Kenn to register


Sheya workshop series continues in Cincinnati

April 30-May 1, 2023


Sheya is a practice based on received teachings of the human relationship with the divine. This is an opportunity to dive even deeper into the Mysteries! Participation is by permission of the instructor only. 

Personal Appearances


Midwest Shamans Conference - June 9-11, 2023

Location: North Madison, OH


Sirius Rising - July 17-23, 2023 - Sherman, NY
Location: Brushwood Folklore Center



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